(UL12.13) Critical Mass UL12 Ultra-Performance Lightweight 13 inch Subwoofer

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(UL12.13) Critical Mass UL12 Ultra-Performance Lightweight 13 inch Subwoofer

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Product Information

Description follows Critical MASS videos


Technical Specifications:                              BOX TECH NOTES

Subwoofer Size: 12”
RMS Power handling: 2500 Watts (undistorted power)
Peak Power handling: 5000 Watts
Recommended Box Volume: 1.2 cuft. (Sealed)
Weight: 16.6 lbs
Motor Type: Dual Gap / Internal NEO Magnet
Voice Coil Type: Ultra-High Temp Dual Coil (Made in the USA)
Voice Coil Diameter: 3”
Voice Coil Impedance: 1.5 ohm nominal per coil
Xmax (one-way linear excursion): 36 mm (3” peak-to-peak)
Maximum Excursion (one way): 46 mm (Almost 4” peak-to-peak)
Sensitivity: 96.7 db (2.83V / 1m) (coils in parallel)
Fs (Klipple-LSI): 31 Hz
Qts (Klipple-LSI): 0.81
Vas (Klipple-LSI): 47.7 Liters


This driver is the first Ultra-Performance Subwoofer to be made with the automotive
performance enthusiast in mind. At only 18 lbs, this subwoofer handles up-to 3
times more power, has a considerably higher linear and maximum excursion, and
audibly lower distortion, while weighing as much as 66% less than other Ultra-Performance
Subwoofer (woofers with an excursion capability of greater than 2.5”).
These subwoofers made by other companies can weigh as much as 55 lbs. On the
other hand, the Critical MASS Ultra-Performance Lightweight Subwoofer will not
only play louder and handle more power, but it will also play in a smaller box, and
therefore, can save you as much as 100 lbs from subwoofer system weight when
combined with the reduced weight of a smaller enclosure (based on two 12” subs).
A 100 lbs reduction in your system weight, translates to accelerations gains resulting
in up to 1/10th of a second off your 0-60 mph times, or as much as 1 car length
faster. So the next time you plan to invest $1000 on an exhaust system, keep in mind
that you may have already lost your expected performance gains, unless you are using
Critical MASS UL-Series subwoofers and speakers.


Allows for much greater linear excursion and power handling than conventional
drivers. This Ultra-Performance Subwoofer utilizes the Dual Gap configuration of
the patented MMAG motor technology, which results in up to 2.5 times more X-max
than conventional motor designs.
Huge, radial slot vented, NEO motor structure. Utilizing the latest and best high temp,

high grade Neodymium-Iron-Born magnets, which generate up-to 20 times more magnetic energy
than conventional ceramic magnets of equivalent size. The radial slot vents keep the
motor running cool, enabling much greater power handling capability than conventional
Neo designs.

Up to 25% more air movement do to Oversized Sd technology as compared to other
drivers with comparable excursion capability. Combined with the X-max improvements
of the Dual Gap geometry, this subwoofer delivers over 200% more linear air
movement (more Bass) than conventional subwoofers with the same size voice coil.

Utilizing a unique and efficient way of transferring heat, from the motor, to the basket
body, and then to the basket mounting flange. This Ultra-Performance Subwoofer
actually transfers the heat from inside the Box to the outside world by utilizing its
heat-sink fins on the face of the woofer’s mounting flange. Not only does this technology
allow for increased short-term power handling, but also for greater power
handling over long periods of time (many more hours than conventional designs).

This cone is one of the only cones that will withstand 5000 Watts of peak music power.
The Lightweight Carbon Fiber Sandwich Cone increases rigidity, and therefore efficiency,
which ultimately means more, undistorted, car-shaking bass.



Product CodeUL12.13

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