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Car Audio Magazine

Engineered to provide decades of musical enjoyment. "Critical MASS is a Car Audio company whose Super-Fi electronics have made innovation history in the world of high-end mobile sound" CA&E. Critical Mass was formed from the World’s First Car Audio and Enhancement school by one of Car Audio's first innovators and most influential people in our industry who started the world's first Car Audio and enhancement school back in the late 1980s “CMA”, from this school Critical MASS was started in Orlando, FL, in 1990. Till this day parts of the technical principles and teachings of CMA are used industry wide in Mobile Electronics teachings and books by associations such as MERA and CEA. Over the past decades Critical MASS has continued to innovate and now leading the way with the Critical MASS $299,000 CES-5.1 one of a kind Esoteric ESL sound system. Not only does Critical MASS make the Best and most expensive car audio system in the world, but this system is so good, that when Car Audio Magazine tested the least expensive part of our $299,000 ESL system “the UL12” called it " Perfect ", and "the BEST" and added that it was so good that he would sell a few things, to own one because it's worth every dollar! In  addition the Critical MASS UL12 was rated #1 over all others by Car Audio Magazine, including companies such as JL Audio, Image Dynamics, Alpine, Xtant,  Kicker, Arc Audio, MB Quart, Digital Designs, Cerwin-Vega, Orion, Phoenix Gold  Earthquake etc…  In other words  Imagine how good the rest of the system must sound if the least expensive part of it is the world's BEST!

What true Audio Experts are saying about Critical MASS.  

 "It's surely the best subwoofer I've had the plesure of auditioning" 
"The Subwoofer By Which All Others Will Be Judged" 
"Tested the sub in an SPL enclosure and got it to hit 154db" 
"that rarity in mobile audio, 
a dream product for BOTH audiophile and bass head." The BEST LISTENING scores in CAR AUDIO history! 
"Its imaging was perfect" 
"It played effortlessly across all genres of music with precision." 
"There was NO distortion" 
"an incredible tour-de-force in high SPL loudspeaker engineering" "Exception a/I" 
"state-of-the-art speaker engineering." 

These are quotes from actual test reviews by true Audio experts including 
Mr.Vance Dickason (Loudspeaker Design Cookbook), Mr. James Claridy of Audio Enhancers, Car Audio Magazine..... 


ULTRA-PERFORMANCE LIGHTWEIGHT SUBWOOFER DESIGN: Ultra-Performance Subwoofer made with the automotive performance enthusiast in mind. This subwoofer handles up-to 3 times more power, has a considerably higher linear and maximum excursion, and audibly lower distortion, while weighing as much as 70% less than other Performance Subwoofers (woofers with an excursion capability of greater than 1.5" and similar power handling). These subwoofers made by other companies can weigh as much as 95 lbs. On the other hand this Critical MASS UL-Series Lightweight Subwoofer will not only be clear and play louder and handle more power, but it will also play in a smaller enclosure, (as small as 0.20cft) and therefore, can save you as much as 100 lbs per woofer system when combined with the reduced weight of a smaller enclosure. TECHNOLOGY: Much greater clean linear excursion and power handling than conventional drivers. This Critical MASS UL-Series subwoofer utilizes a unique configuration which results in up to 2.5 times more X-max than conventional motor designs. Large, radial, NEO motor structure. Utilizing high temp, high grade Neodymium-Iron-Born magnets, which generate up-to 20 times more magnetic energy than conventional magnets. The internal radial vents keep the motor running cool, enabling greater power capability. More air movement do to its unique design as compared to other drivers with comparable excursion capability. Combined with the X-max improvements of the its geometry this subwoofer delivers over 100% more linear movement (more Bass) than conventional subwoofers with the same size voice coil. This technology also allow for increased short-term power handling, but also for greater power handling over long periods of time (many more hours than conventional designs). Utilizing a Hybrid Carbon Fiber Cone Unique design, This cone will easily withstand 2000 watts of music power. The Lightweight hybrid Carbon Fiber Cone increases rigidity, and therefore efficiency, which ultimately means more, undistorted bass.


Technical Specifications:                           

Subwoofer Size: 12”
RMS Power handling: 1200 Watts (undistorted power)
Peak Power handling: 2000 Watts
Min Sealed Box Volume: 0.2 cuft (w heavy poly fill) 

Motor Type: G.A.P. w Internal NEO Magnet
Voice Coil Type: Ultra-High Temp Dual 2 ohm Coils
Voice Coil Diameter: 2.75”


Only 11.5 lbs 

Free Air Resonance (Fs)25.29 Hz
Electrical “Q” (Qes)0.5208
Mechanical “Q” (Qms)3.1450
Total Speaker “Q” (Qts)0.4456
Equivalent Compliance (Vas)28.7945 L
Xmax24 mm
Cmax43 mm
SPL 2.83 V 1m98.12 dB
Effective Piston Area (Sd)0.0491 sq m
DC Resistance (Re)2.00Ω x 2 coils

All specifications via Klipple-LSI system w voice coils in parallel


Product CodeULS1222

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